I wholeheartedly believe that you should live in the moments you want to remember for forever, and let me capture them for you. 

Kind words...

Stefano& Olya, Milan

We chose Yulia because her photos are full of special light and real happiness, she has very beautiful vision. Yulia has been a perfect photographer for our wedding: she was focused every second on making us comfortable and portraying the true emotions of us and of all the people taking part in the wedding. Even when there was an issue in the villa we chose for our celebration,  she was very good in not putting any kind of pressure on us, she rather focused on getting the most of that situation.  It is very clear, having a look at her wonderful pictures, that she had an emotional involvement in our wedding, and all the pictures are natural and full of feelings. She never had any kind of "bossy" behaviour, which sometimes photographers tend to have. We received compliments for her pictures from many of our guests and we are extremely pleased of her job. We would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Катя и Ваня, Минск

Еще до знакомства со моим теперешним мужем я знала, что фотографом на свадьбе будет только Юля! Привлекала нежность, свежесть и теплота ее кадров. В каждом снимке гармония: выражение лица, детали, общий план. На встрече-знакомстве стало понятно, что с Юлей у нас совпадают вкусы. Без нее не обошелся и выбор платья. С ним была прямо беда, пока я не получила главный совет: «Смотри что-то с рукавчиками». Мы не отказали себе в возможности перелистывать буквально минуты нашего торжества, поэтому Юля была с нами в наш The Big Day весь день. А как приятно слышать от родных и друзей: «Ваши фото как с глянцевого журнала!»

Gareth & Iryna, Nürnberg

We had the pleasure of booking our dear friend Yulia as our wedding photographer! Firstly let me say that it is no easy task to be a guest at a wedding and be the official photographer at the same time, and Yulia didn’t just manage this but did it all amazingly and still managed to have few glasses of wine and some fun. 
Yulia has a real talent for not only capturing the moment so wonderfully but being at the right place at the right time. Her calming demeanour also helped us relax on our big day knowing we had a true professional at work taking care our special day was immortalised forever.
We where amazed at how quick Yulia gave us the pictures after the wedding making our fairytale last a little longer. 
We cannot recommended Yulia enough, you can see from her work that she has a very elegant style to her editing and a great eye for a good shot. If you book her you will not regret it!  

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